My Selfie on Yay!

Hello! Every now and then I submit a photo to tomboyfemme. A super fabulous fashion inspiration tumblr. I fluctuate quite a bit from very very femme to tomboyfemme. Which is a place on the presentation spectrum I find to be very comfortable. This is the second photo they have posted of mine. Yay!

Anyways, I took a selfie of my first day of this semester and here it is. Thanks to tomboyfemme for posting it!




Danielle Spires, Photoshoot

I had the fabulous opportunity to model and style a shoot for the amazing Danielle Spires. She has a few series that I have been so thrilled to be a part of in the past. Recently she has been wrapping up a series titled “Girls Eating Food in My Kitchen”. I happened to be visiting L.A. at the perfect time and was able to spend an afternoon with her and her camera.

Here are some of my photos from the shoot. But be sure to check out the rest of the “Girls Eating Food in My Kitchen Series” along with all the rest of her crazy good work at 

Toto-47_r copy Toto-48_r copy Toto-58_r copy Toto-60_r copy Toto-63_r copy Toto-65_r copy Toto-69_r copy Toto-71_r copyThis shoot was so silly and really fun to be a part of.

A few things though: No, that’s not meat. It is spicy jackfruit. Yes, that is a stick of butter. Do you know that body shaming can be directed towards anyone? Including thin people? I can’t tell you how many times I have been told to eat a sandwich or eat a stick of butter because I am “too thin”. Also, that was one of the best butter croissants I have ever had.

Ciao Torrebelle

Fashion hum-drum with a splash of superexcitement!!!

my new white sandals

I’m struggling right now with this blog. I’m going to keep plugging away because I know I will get out of my funk eventually. Right now though? I feel bad for you readers. If my posts seem forced it is because they are. I promise to keep writing and putting one foot in front of the other. It’s all I can do aside from doing nothing. Keep on truckin’!

I have been really really busy. But not much of it has been worthy of this blog (fashion wise). I have been gardening, packing, preparing for my friend J’s wedding and I was hired to do a super cute mural. So I’ve been wearing paint splattered shorts pretty much solid for two weeks now.

I’m going out to trivia tonight and plan on getting myself out of my fashion funk.

Ooh! Really great news! How ever did I forget to mention this?


So you may be asking yourself wth? What is A-Camp and why is she so excited about it? Well, it’s basically lesbian summer camp. Just like you used to remember. With the crafts, workshops, sports and bunk beds. Only it is for lesbians and other femaleish identifying queer people. It is in San Bernadino National Forest in California and I am going in September (right after my birthday). I follow a super fantastic blog called they write about everything a queer lady would want to read about. Fashion, Politics, Entertainment, Sex etc. If you have not been blessed by the everyday joy of Autostraddle, then I suggest you get on it and quick. Anyhoo, the super fabulous ladies who run the site are hosting A-Camp.

Everything you ever wanted to know about lesbian summer camp:

So basically I am really looking forward to this. I need a vacay desperately and I love camping (even if its cabin camping). I really have felt the urge to make more queer friends lately, so this should be perfect. You can never have to many friends, am I right? My dreams have been filled with A-Camp. I can’t stop imagining how awesome it is going to be. I feel like a little kid at Christmas. I grateful the universe saw fit to move me from the A-Camp wait-list (yes, there is a wait list for reservations) to an actual reservation! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Now I just need to save money for a plane ticket to Cali.

p.s. I’ve had ‘Goin back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali. . .’ stuck in my head from the moment I received my reservation confirmation email.

I promise to take more pics in the coming week. My homie is getting married so there will be that post in the near future.

Thanks for bearing with me. Love you all.

Ciao Torrebelle

This is what happens when I go out by myself.

Uh, yeah, this is what I do with my free time and no one is watching. I find hunky-half-naked mens and we have photo shoots together. Actually they were modeling an underpants line called Maclovia Men at the last Mondo Viewing party I went to. This was the same night that I presented the t-shirt I turned into a dress. It was two xxxlarge mens t-shirts of Mondo’s designs that I had to re-purpose into something else. I decided to do a sort of  60’s shift. I think it turned out nice even though I do not have a serger. I didnt win the contest but I still had fun. The girls who won made really intricate hoodies that looked like something M.I.A. (who I love, love, love) would wear.

I look really uncomfortable but I’m not. I’m just trying not to laugh!

I wore my dress with magenta HUE tights from Macy’s,  a grey flowery head band that was a gift, my AMAZING 1940’s grey and white snakeskin peekaboo platforms (will get picture asap) and my bright yellow clutch that belonged to my grandma.

This is just a short one. Hope you are all well.

Ciao, Torrebelle

Homework and Volunteer Night

Okay, Okay, so everyday is homework night and once a week is always volunteer night, but I thought I’d share an outfit from one of those days. I volunteer as a receptionist for a few hours every week at the Center. It is Denver’s LGBTQ center.            check it!

It was important for me to find a way to give back to those who might not have the same kind of support that I have. It hit home when we had our weddings and I looked around and saw how lucky we were. We had so many supportive, loving friends and family and our guest list kept growing. Plus they all helped so much leading up to and the day of. That kind of support is priceless and it made me feel sad for all those couples out in cyber space that I read about that had no support. I felt really upset about all those young kids who feel like they can’t turn to their families (blood or chosen). So, here I am. I answer phones and greet the many visitors of the Center.

Dandy and I are finding that homework this semester is an everyday sort of thing. If we don’t do some portion every day, we start to slip behind. I am loving this semester thus far. My math teacher is a bit ancient but I like her sense of humor (I think I am the only one who finds her entertaining in the slightest bit). I am taking a theatre appreciation class as well, it is going well. Actually I wish I could drop everything and just take art, music and theatre classes but I suppose I will need the other skills I am learning.

Shoga gets really mouthy when we are sitting on the front porch, so I brought him out for a peek.

He doesn’t have the best eye sight, so when he comes out into the sun he just closes his eyes and sniffs. Cute!

taking a break from homework

I love the vintage buttons, the fun fabric print and the silk ribbon detail on the bolero.

the details, I love the details.

I wore a blue t-shirt, red HUE tights, my brown t-strap heals, a super soft 1950’s cashmere bolero cardigan and a skirt I sewed myself. I used vintage buttons from my grandma’s sewing supplies on the front of the skirt. Oh, and my little red bow headband that I think cost me a quarter.

Well it is not nearly so sunny now as I write this. We have about 2 feet of snow. I do have a short snowy blog on it’s way. Also I’d love to hear some of your stories about giving back to your community. Please tell me how you volunteer or donate and to whom or for what cause. Maybe it will inspire others to do the same!

Ciao Torrebelle

Super Mario Sweater Vest

Today was my day off. It was much needed. We woke up, had coffee and went to Starbucks to drink more coffee and use the free internet. Don’t ask me why we still don’t have internet at home. We both needed to do a ton of homework, so this is what a homework, errands kind of cold weather outfit looks like for me.

I wore my new jeans, a yellow polo (thrifted) a black cardigan from Ann Taylor, reddish chucks, and my totally awesome sweater vest that looks like it has little Nintendo flowers all over it. I freaked when I found this at a thrift store. It was a very proud moment in my thrifting career. I also wore a red plastic bracelet (thrifted) and a red bandana in my hair.

I am also going to start a little sewing project. Mondo gave out t-shirts last week at the Project Runway Allstars Viewing Party to use for a re-construction contest. I got two of the largest shirts I could find (more fabric to work with) and hope to make a cute Jackie-O inspired sheath dress. It is due this coming Thursday and the winner of the contest gets a pair of tickets to a fashion show event that is hosted by goodwill and Mondo. So it is just something fun that I signed up for. I’ll let you know how well it all turns out later this week.

I got two of these babies! thats a lot of yardage to work with, yay!

Hope you are all staying cheery during these dismal winter months.

ciao, Torrebelle

Dinner and a Show

I wore this outfit twice this week. Once for dinner at my lovely in-laws home and once out to a Mondo Guerra Project Runway Veiwing Party. I love love love my blue crocheted cardigan/blazer. Mostly because of all the hard work I put into it when I made it. But also because it is so classic and fitted. The nubby texture kind of reminds me of Chanel and price wise it is probably the closest I will ever come to Chanel. Unless of course the thrift store gods smile upon me.

this my go-to-hair-do! super easy and very 40’s looking.

The enamle flowe pin is vintage and awesome. I love it and have realized that I have a major leaning towards the red/white/blue color scheme. This is certainly not because I am overly patriotic. I just think the colors look great together, I love the mod target vibe it gives any outfit and it was so common during the 40’s (yes, I know this was because gals were big on patriotism back then). Anyhoo, this pin was most likely a thrift store find. They are always so expensive when you find them at vintage shops.

I wore the jacket with a red cotton tank and my super wide leg (almost sailor style) jeans. Then my brown t-straps, of course. this look is one I wear a lot. It is comfy, looks 40’s and is warm.  I hate being cold. The only problem with this outfit is the wide legs, but it’s only a problem when I am riding my bike. Which is at least 2 days a week. I’m going to get a post together of some of my favorite bike riding outfits. I love riding my bike, but I get frustrated by the limitations. So, a post might help me come up with some new options.

Hope you are all feeling marvelous!

Ciao Torrebelle

New Jeans

I got new jeans! I have not treated myself to new jeans in years. So this is very exciting for me and it should be for you as well. They were hiding out at buffalo exchange. The tag says MARTINI. They look vintage to me. High waist, straight legged with salvage edge and red, white and blue piping on the bum pockets. I would guess 60’s or 70’s but I’m really not sure.

I love how a high waist makes me look tall.

I wore my beat-to-hell converse high-tops, a red skinny belt, a blue crew neck vintage sweat shirt (with new screen-print) and a red head scarf. I also used another of my grandma’s purses.

pocket detail shot, for your viewing pleasure.

I wish this purse was a big tote. I would use it constantly.

Got the sweat shirt from a vendor at the Viva Las Vegas Car Show a few years ago.

Crazy smile

this is what happens when she does not want to take anymore pictures, but I insist.

My totally sweet argyle Fred Perry sweater vest looked so much better on Dandy that I let her have it.

We had the whole afternoon off together, a rarity, so we went to dinner and a movie. We ate at Watercourse Foods, a super great vegetarian restaurant here in Denver. Then we went to see the re-make of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I was sure it was not going to be as good as the originals and was mostly pleasantly surprised. Daniel Craig was great. His Blomvkist was much better that the original, I thought. The new Lizbeth was not near as good though. She was pretty and quite believable, but she was not near bad-ass enough. And, I’m gonna say it. I know everyone is thinking it if they read the books or saw the original. Why did they turn the bisexual relationship that Lizbeth was in, into a drug induced, random girl-on-girl hook up? And why no actual sex scene? Just a kiss, fade to black, wake up entwined. Really!? I’m disappointed. Not because I was so desperate to see a lesbian sex scene in a mainstream movie, but rather I knew the American version would edit that part. I totally called it before the movie and was unfortunately correct. Why did they feel the need to do this? Dandy said that maybe bisexuality is still too confusing to the American masses. I’m not sure. I still really enjoyed the film but recommend the originals.

What did you think, if you saw it?

Ciao, Torrebelle

Rockabilly Dance Night

My friend Tyler started teaching and hosting a Rockabilly/Jive night once a month. Yay! I used to go dancing all the time but got lazy somewhere along the way. So I went to his opening night on Friday. Another friend, DJ Big Mike, played some really great music for the evening. I forgot my camera, so all the pictures are from home, sorry. I’ll do better at next months event.

I wore a vintage 50’s cotton dress in black with a light blue pattern woven in. My shoes were my very basic black canvas mary janes that I got at the asian market (perfect for dancing in).

creepy self portrait. . . I thought you’d never ask.

See you next time. Come dance with me next month!

Ciao, Torrebelle

Mondo Viewing Party: Project Runway All Stars episodes 1 & 2

As many of you know I live in Denver. Mondo Guerra (totally awesome designer from project runway) is also from Denver. He hosts viewing parties at the Beauty Bar and takes donations for Colorado AIDS project. It is a really fun way to spend a Thursday evening. I get to get a bit dressed up, support a great cause and watch one of my favorite shows. Dandy and I do not own a television and usually just watch movies from netflix, via snail mail. So really I have to go. Either that or wait till next year when it is on dvd.

She keeps complaining about the bad shots I keep putting up of her. Yet, these are the faces she insists on using.

Anyhoo, last week was episode 1. I love how the crowd was cheering and booing like it was a sporting event. It was packed! Crazy packed!

My great grandma’s super cute penguin pins

I wore a grey crew neck sweater (target me thinks), my black cigarette pants from J Crew, red patent leather loafers from Cole Haan. My white plastic multi-strand necklace, Grey tweed 3/4 sleeve coat and yellow gloves are all vintage.

Sorry, she was asking for it and it was the only picture showing my purse and gloves.

Red Shoes = Power Shoes

Tea before bed

This week was episode 2 and the drama is beginning to unfold already. I love having Mondo offer his commentary during the commercial breaks. Because the episodes theme was “a night at the opera” they had a singer from the Central City Opera perform a number right before the episode started. Fun! They also gave out a ticket package for the opera, cocktails and a paranormal tour of a near by haunted mansion. No, I did not win opera tickets. But I did win a bitchin’ Team Mondo t-shirt!

Strike a pose

Right after the show Mondo gave a Q & A. One person asked him what trends he would like to see return and which trends he would like to see vanish. He said that here in Denver he would like to see the end of two fashion blunders. His two no no’s were flip-flops in winter and pajama pants in public. The crowd roared and I heard myself yell out an “AMEN”! I ask myself why people do these two things all the time. I have yet to come up with a satisfying answer. Mondo said that he would like to see a return of wide legged pants. I love wide legged pants, so long as they are structured. No flowy, skirt/pant gauzy things. I’m thinking jeans and sailor pants.

I love this purse. It was my Grandma’s

Tonight I wore a black 3/4 sleeve sweater (no idea where I got it), a vintage late 60’s pencil skirt in yellow with ivory lace over-lay. It has been really cold, so my wool black coat made another appearance as well as my black wool pill box hat.

I plan on going to as many of these evenings as possible. So, I’ll keep you posted.

Ciao, Torrebelle