Homework and Volunteer Night

Okay, Okay, so everyday is homework night and once a week is always volunteer night, but I thought I’d share an outfit from one of those days. I volunteer as a receptionist for a few hours every week at the Center. It is Denver’s LGBTQ center.

www.glbtcolorado.org            check it!

It was important for me to find a way to give back to those who might not have the same kind of support that I have. It hit home when we had our weddings and I looked around and saw how lucky we were. We had so many supportive, loving friends and family and our guest list kept growing. Plus they all helped so much leading up to and the day of. That kind of support is priceless and it made me feel sad for all those couples out in cyber space that I read about that had no support. I felt really upset about all those young kids who feel like they can’t turn to their families (blood or chosen). So, here I am. I answer phones and greet the many visitors of the Center.

Dandy and I are finding that homework this semester is an everyday sort of thing. If we don’t do some portion every day, we start to slip behind. I am loving this semester thus far. My math teacher is a bit ancient but I like her sense of humor (I think I am the only one who finds her entertaining in the slightest bit). I am taking a theatre appreciation class as well, it is going well. Actually I wish I could drop everything and just take art, music and theatre classes but I suppose I will need the other skills I am learning.

Shoga gets really mouthy when we are sitting on the front porch, so I brought him out for a peek.

He doesn’t have the best eye sight, so when he comes out into the sun he just closes his eyes and sniffs. Cute!

taking a break from homework

I love the vintage buttons, the fun fabric print and the silk ribbon detail on the bolero.

the details, I love the details.

I wore a blue t-shirt, red HUE tights, my brown t-strap heals, a super soft 1950’s cashmere bolero cardigan and a skirt I sewed myself. I used vintage buttons from my grandma’s sewing supplies on the front of the skirt. Oh, and my little red bow headband that I think cost me a quarter.

Well it is not nearly so sunny now as I write this. We have about 2 feet of snow. I do have a short snowy blog on it’s way. Also I’d love to hear some of your stories about giving back to your community. Please tell me how you volunteer or donate and to whom or for what cause. Maybe it will inspire others to do the same!

Ciao Torrebelle


Double Date Dinner Party

This year we opted out on a gift exchange with one of our besties, M. We are all broke and decided to have a nice dinner together rather than buy presents. So we had a lovely dinner party at our place. C made her most amazing batch of baked ziti with homemade marinara, crusty garlic bread and a great salad. Yum! M brought over homemade sangria and blueberry cobbler. She is from Alabama and knows how to make killer cobbler.

I didn’t get too many pictures because we were having such a nice time that I forgot. Here are a few.

The Hello Kitty tree is coming down asap!

the feast

Not sure if this vase was my Nana’s or Great Grandma’s (it is hand painted and reads ‘San Diego 1949’)

Saying our farewell’s

I wore a sage colored skirt from Anthropologie, a royal blue t-shirt, my brown t-strap heels by Contessa, beige over-the-knee socks and a vintage baby blue cashmere sweater with bead and crystal detailing. C wore here black and white gingham button down and jeans.

Hope the new year is treating you all well thus far.

Ciao Torrebelle

Happy New Year!

Okay, so I have recovered from the holidays. Namely new years eve and day. We met up with friends at El Diablo (a bar that was within walking distance). They are know for their large tequila menu and using lots of twinkle lights during the holidays. It was pretty festive and the crowd was big enough to feel like a good party, but not so big that we felt like sardines.

Just arrived

We spent the afternoon at the mall using gift cards to spruce up C’s wardrobe. Her only white button down had seen better days (like three years ago). So we went to Brooks Brothers. They have great classic button downs for women that fit her very well. Since they were on sale she got one in black and one in white. She wore the new black shirt, a black and grey tie, her  black Diesel jeans, black oxfords, a black wool fedora from Goorin Brothers Hats and her White wedding blazer from Anthropologie.

I wore  a 1950’s black and white gingham dress with an early 1950’s black fitted wool jacket with velvet trim. I wanted to be comfy and warm so surprise surprise, I wore my black Naturalizer t-strap heels and some bright red HUE tights.

I was trying to channel Zooey Deschenel with the bouffant, big bangs and cute bow.

Happy New Year!

sweet moves!

We drank excellent margaritas and laughed a bunch with great friends. It was fantastic!

The next day we went to that party I told you about in an earlier post (tamale party). It was fun, as usual. I saw a lot of friends and ate entirely too much frito pie/ green chili/ tamales/ deserts/ homemade caramels/ more frito pie. I forgot my camera though. So I took a couple of really great shots of me posing awkwardly by myself and some with my cat, Shoga. I wore a vintage 1960’s mini dress with faux leopard cuffs and collar, black leggings and black boots. Enjoy!

I know this looks like I’m wearing a sweet pink tinsel hat, but alas, it is only a wreath on the door.

Awkward pose #1

Awkward pose #2

This is Shoga, not appreciating my antics.

Scary Jazz hands!

He loves to dance, what can I say.

On that note. . . Happy New Year! I love you all and wish you all health and happiness in the year to come!

Ciao, Torrebelle

presents, snow, sun and fun!

Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been a bit since my last post. You know how the holidays can be. Our celebrations went very well. We had too much to drink, lots of laughs, and had way way way too much to eat. So that is just about perfect in my book.

pretty bird

We spent Christmas Eve at my in-laws home (I love my in-laws! Crazy, I know. I just can’t help it). It was great, we had brie, fettucini alfredo and tres leche cake. Yum! We watched ‘the Ref’ which is hilarious and passed out presents.

C getting into the Santa spirit

As we arrived

Do I like it? What a silly question!

I got my first present moments after I arrived. I was wearing a late 50’s black wool coat when we got there. But my mother-in-law wanted me to try on her mothers mink coat. Then she said I should keep it! WOW. It is such an honor to be given a family heirloom. It is a 1960’s brown mink coat that is amazingly soft and luxurious.

That’s me, not believing my luck.

Now, before you get all “fur is bad” let me explain. I have been a vegetarian for fifteen years. I love animals and I do not support the modern fur industry. However, I will wear vintage fur and if it is a family heirloom then all the better. I  get a little hippy on myself sometimes and even say a little blessing for the critter who is now keeping me warm. Yes, I’m a bit crazy. Moving on.

most comfy heels ever! thank you Naturalizer.

Well then, I’m sure you are dying to know about the rest of my outfit. I wore the same green wool felt dress that I wore to the benefit last month and wore the same shoes, tights, bolero sweater and my grandmas sweater clip. I did however add a fur hat that I think came from the 50’s or 60’s. It was my other grandmas and I can not tell what it is from. It is black and seems to have the same texture as mink, possibly fuzzier. So mink, beaver . . . not really sure. What I am sure of is how warm it was and how sophisticated I felt wearing it.

mystery fur hat

I usually spend Christmas eve with my Grandma, but she just passed away this October. So I wore it as a small tribute to her.

super fun Pumas

C wore a great orange corduroy blazer that she had taylored to fit perfectly. She paired it with her totally bitchin’ Pumas, jeans and a black shirt with a tiny orange print from Diesel.

C got her mom a pair of funny glasses that we all modeled for your enjoyment.

possibly my favorite picture ever

For Christmas Day we went to my family’s house. Unfortunately the batteries in my camera died and you know there are never enough batteries to be found on Christmas Day. We did get a couple of shots before my camera went kaput. My family always eats Hawaiian French toast on Christmas morning (made with hawaiian bread and orange/pineapple juice in the batter) and then lasagna for dinner. We watched ‘Christmas story’ of course.

I wore a skirt that I made out of muslin (I painted the design at the hem), a bright red crinolin or petticoat from My Baby Jo (a cute vintage repro website), a black cardigan from Ann taylor, my grandmas black patent belt, my grandmas black wool felt pill box hat and a ice crystal pin from the Metropolitan museum of art. C wore a blue and white gingham button down from J Crew, a black v neck sweater from Northface and jeans.

Yay! Hope you all had a very wonderful holiday. See you next year.

ciao, Torrebelle

Sometimes I wish I were a flapper

I sometimes like to go really vintage and wear outfits that are reminiscent of the 20’s and 30’s. My problem is that I don’t own any casual clothes from that period. So I just took some modern pieces that create the same silhouette. The hat is what really makes it look old timey, I think. This outfit is a typical school day outfit for me and consists of brown brogue heels from Contessa, orange a-line skirt from Old Navy, a burgundy gathered t-shirt (thrifted), Ivory hoodie with eyelet detail from Anthropologie, Brown scarf (thrifted), hat  from Anthropologie and lacey ivory socks from Target.

Oh and I wouldn’t want to leave out C, she is wearing a crisp, gingham button down from J Crew. They seem to fit her best as she has a crazy long torso and wide shoulders.

Hope all is well in your world.

Ciao Torrebelle

Holiday Fundraising Frock

What to wear to a holiday open house fundraiser? This is what I went with. It’s classic, festive and warm. I am always cold, so staying warm while looking fab is a priority for me.

This is a vintage emerald green felt wiggle dress. I believe it is from the fifties or possibly early 60’s. I probably got it at a dress swap or at Boss Unlimited, a great store here in Denver. Anyhoo, I paired it with royal blue tights, a vintage ivory bolero sweater, my great-grandmas sweater clip and black t-strap heals from Naturalizer.

Art for the Nations Holiday Open House

C just got her new glasses the night before. Cute right? (purchased at SEE, Denver)

Well I only have time for that little morsel today.

Hope it ties you over.

ciao, Torrebelle