thinning my closet is proving to be really really hard.

I’m moving. First across town then across the country in a few months. I have an insane amount of clothes, shoes and accessories. Like rolling-rack-in-my-living-room-aside-from-every-closet-being-full amounts of clothes. I have been going through and thinning out the pieces that are too worn out or don’t fit or that I just don’t feel amazing in. I did pretty well with this project over the last two weeks. . . or so I thought.

After taking two giant car loads full of stuff to Buffalo Exchange and selling $300 worth of clothes and costume jewelry plus multiple trips to the goodwill donation center, I am still left  with two really full closets. Two full closets and a few giant tubs filled with shoes and accessories.

It is still too much. Too much to lug across the country. I feel like some tears will be in my near future when I end up taking some pieces I love to Buffalo Exchange.

I am telling myself that I won’t really know what to bring there anyway. I am moving from Denver to Portland and am not entirely sure how to dress for the climate. Denver is soooo dry. Will I wear any of my 20 pairs of open toed shoes? Will I regret wearing those long maxi dresses that I imagine turn into soggy mops on almost any given day in Portland?

I am amazed at the sheer size of my wardrobe and overwhelmed with the work of reducing it. How do people live vibrant lives with less that 10 crisp button down shirts? It is a mystery to me.

ciao -Torrebelle



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