Fashion hum-drum with a splash of superexcitement!!!

my new white sandals

I’m struggling right now with this blog. I’m going to keep plugging away because I know I will get out of my funk eventually. Right now though? I feel bad for you readers. If my posts seem forced it is because they are. I promise to keep writing and putting one foot in front of the other. It’s all I can do aside from doing nothing. Keep on truckin’!

I have been really really busy. But not much of it has been worthy of this blog (fashion wise). I have been gardening, packing, preparing for my friend J’s wedding and I was hired to do a super cute mural. So I’ve been wearing paint splattered shorts pretty much solid for two weeks now.

I’m going out to trivia tonight and plan on getting myself out of my fashion funk.

Ooh! Really great news! How ever did I forget to mention this?


So you may be asking yourself wth? What is A-Camp and why is she so excited about it? Well, it’s basically lesbian summer camp. Just like you used to remember. With the crafts, workshops, sports and bunk beds. Only it is for lesbians and other femaleish identifying queer people. It is in San Bernadino National Forest in California and I am going in September (right after my birthday). I follow a super fantastic blog called they write about everything a queer lady would want to read about. Fashion, Politics, Entertainment, Sex etc. If you have not been blessed by the everyday joy of Autostraddle, then I suggest you get on it and quick. Anyhoo, the super fabulous ladies who run the site are hosting A-Camp.

Everything you ever wanted to know about lesbian summer camp:

So basically I am really looking forward to this. I need a vacay desperately and I love camping (even if its cabin camping). I really have felt the urge to make more queer friends lately, so this should be perfect. You can never have to many friends, am I right? My dreams have been filled with A-Camp. I can’t stop imagining how awesome it is going to be. I feel like a little kid at Christmas. I grateful the universe saw fit to move me from the A-Camp wait-list (yes, there is a wait list for reservations) to an actual reservation! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Now I just need to save money for a plane ticket to Cali.

p.s. I’ve had ‘Goin back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali. . .’ stuck in my head from the moment I received my reservation confirmation email.

I promise to take more pics in the coming week. My homie is getting married so there will be that post in the near future.

Thanks for bearing with me. Love you all.

Ciao Torrebelle


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