Dinner and a Show

I wore this outfit twice this week. Once for dinner at my lovely in-laws home and once out to a Mondo Guerra Project Runway Veiwing Party. I love love love my blue crocheted cardigan/blazer. Mostly because of all the hard work I put into it when I made it. But also because it is so classic and fitted. The nubby texture kind of reminds me of Chanel and price wise it is probably the closest I will ever come to Chanel. Unless of course the thrift store gods smile upon me.

this my go-to-hair-do! super easy and very 40’s looking.

The enamle flowe pin is vintage and awesome. I love it and have realized that I have a major leaning towards the red/white/blue color scheme. This is certainly not because I am overly patriotic. I just think the colors look great together, I love the mod target vibe it gives any outfit and it was so common during the 40’s (yes, I know this was because gals were big on patriotism back then). Anyhoo, this pin was most likely a thrift store find. They are always so expensive when you find them at vintage shops.

I wore the jacket with a red cotton tank and my super wide leg (almost sailor style) jeans. Then my brown t-straps, of course. this look is one I wear a lot. It is comfy, looks 40’s and is warm.  I hate being cold. The only problem with this outfit is the wide legs, but it’s only a problem when I am riding my bike. Which is at least 2 days a week. I’m going to get a post together of some of my favorite bike riding outfits. I love riding my bike, but I get frustrated by the limitations. So, a post might help me come up with some new options.

Hope you are all feeling marvelous!

Ciao Torrebelle


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