Mondo Viewing Party: Project Runway All Stars episodes 1 & 2

As many of you know I live in Denver. Mondo Guerra (totally awesome designer from project runway) is also from Denver. He hosts viewing parties at the Beauty Bar and takes donations for Colorado AIDS project. It is a really fun way to spend a Thursday evening. I get to get a bit dressed up, support a great cause and watch one of my favorite shows. Dandy and I do not own a television and usually just watch movies from netflix, via snail mail. So really I have to go. Either that or wait till next year when it is on dvd.

She keeps complaining about the bad shots I keep putting up of her. Yet, these are the faces she insists on using.

Anyhoo, last week was episode 1. I love how the crowd was cheering and booing like it was a sporting event. It was packed! Crazy packed!

My great grandma’s super cute penguin pins

I wore a grey crew neck sweater (target me thinks), my black cigarette pants from J Crew, red patent leather loafers from Cole Haan. My white plastic multi-strand necklace, Grey tweed 3/4 sleeve coat and yellow gloves are all vintage.

Sorry, she was asking for it and it was the only picture showing my purse and gloves.

Red Shoes = Power Shoes

Tea before bed

This week was episode 2 and the drama is beginning to unfold already. I love having Mondo offer his commentary during the commercial breaks. Because the episodes theme was “a night at the opera” they had a singer from the Central City Opera perform a number right before the episode started. Fun! They also gave out a ticket package for the opera, cocktails and a paranormal tour of a near by haunted mansion. No, I did not win opera tickets. But I did win a bitchin’ Team Mondo t-shirt!

Strike a pose

Right after the show Mondo gave a Q & A. One person asked him what trends he would like to see return and which trends he would like to see vanish. He said that here in Denver he would like to see the end of two fashion blunders. His two no no’s were flip-flops in winter and pajama pants in public. The crowd roared and I heard myself yell out an “AMEN”! I ask myself why people do these two things all the time. I have yet to come up with a satisfying answer. Mondo said that he would like to see a return of wide legged pants. I love wide legged pants, so long as they are structured. No flowy, skirt/pant gauzy things. I’m thinking jeans and sailor pants.

I love this purse. It was my Grandma’s

Tonight I wore a black 3/4 sleeve sweater (no idea where I got it), a vintage late 60’s pencil skirt in yellow with ivory lace over-lay. It has been really cold, so my wool black coat made another appearance as well as my black wool pill box hat.

I plan on going to as many of these evenings as possible. So, I’ll keep you posted.

Ciao, Torrebelle


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