Happy New Year!

Okay, so I have recovered from the holidays. Namely new years eve and day. We met up with friends at El Diablo (a bar that was within walking distance). They are know for their large tequila menu and using lots of twinkle lights during the holidays. It was pretty festive and the crowd was big enough to feel like a good party, but not so big that we felt like sardines.

Just arrived

We spent the afternoon at the mall using gift cards to spruce up C’s wardrobe. Her only white button down had seen better days (like three years ago). So we went to Brooks Brothers. They have great classic button downs for women that fit her very well. Since they were on sale she got one in black and one in white. She wore the new black shirt, a black and grey tie, her  black Diesel jeans, black oxfords, a black wool fedora from Goorin Brothers Hats and her White wedding blazer from Anthropologie.

I wore  a 1950’s black and white gingham dress with an early 1950’s black fitted wool jacket with velvet trim. I wanted to be comfy and warm so surprise surprise, I wore my black Naturalizer t-strap heels and some bright red HUE tights.

I was trying to channel Zooey Deschenel with the bouffant, big bangs and cute bow.

Happy New Year!

sweet moves!

We drank excellent margaritas and laughed a bunch with great friends. It was fantastic!

The next day we went to that party I told you about in an earlier post (tamale party). It was fun, as usual. I saw a lot of friends and ate entirely too much frito pie/ green chili/ tamales/ deserts/ homemade caramels/ more frito pie. I forgot my camera though. So I took a couple of really great shots of me posing awkwardly by myself and some with my cat, Shoga. I wore a vintage 1960’s mini dress with faux leopard cuffs and collar, black leggings and black boots. Enjoy!

I know this looks like I’m wearing a sweet pink tinsel hat, but alas, it is only a wreath on the door.

Awkward pose #1

Awkward pose #2

This is Shoga, not appreciating my antics.

Scary Jazz hands!

He loves to dance, what can I say.

On that note. . . Happy New Year! I love you all and wish you all health and happiness in the year to come!

Ciao, Torrebelle


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I also wore comfy shoes in new years, Clarks Wedges. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one attempting to mix style and sensibility!

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