presents, snow, sun and fun!

Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been a bit since my last post. You know how the holidays can be. Our celebrations went very well. We had too much to drink, lots of laughs, and had way way way too much to eat. So that is just about perfect in my book.

pretty bird

We spent Christmas Eve at my in-laws home (I love my in-laws! Crazy, I know. I just can’t help it). It was great, we had brie, fettucini alfredo and tres leche cake. Yum! We watched ‘the Ref’ which is hilarious and passed out presents.

C getting into the Santa spirit

As we arrived

Do I like it? What a silly question!

I got my first present moments after I arrived. I was wearing a late 50’s black wool coat when we got there. But my mother-in-law wanted me to try on her mothers mink coat. Then she said I should keep it! WOW. It is such an honor to be given a family heirloom. It is a 1960’s brown mink coat that is amazingly soft and luxurious.

That’s me, not believing my luck.

Now, before you get all “fur is bad” let me explain. I have been a vegetarian for fifteen years. I love animals and I do not support the modern fur industry. However, I will wear vintage fur and if it is a family heirloom then all the better. I  get a little hippy on myself sometimes and even say a little blessing for the critter who is now keeping me warm. Yes, I’m a bit crazy. Moving on.

most comfy heels ever! thank you Naturalizer.

Well then, I’m sure you are dying to know about the rest of my outfit. I wore the same green wool felt dress that I wore to the benefit last month and wore the same shoes, tights, bolero sweater and my grandmas sweater clip. I did however add a fur hat that I think came from the 50’s or 60’s. It was my other grandmas and I can not tell what it is from. It is black and seems to have the same texture as mink, possibly fuzzier. So mink, beaver . . . not really sure. What I am sure of is how warm it was and how sophisticated I felt wearing it.

mystery fur hat

I usually spend Christmas eve with my Grandma, but she just passed away this October. So I wore it as a small tribute to her.

super fun Pumas

C wore a great orange corduroy blazer that she had taylored to fit perfectly. She paired it with her totally bitchin’ Pumas, jeans and a black shirt with a tiny orange print from Diesel.

C got her mom a pair of funny glasses that we all modeled for your enjoyment.

possibly my favorite picture ever

For Christmas Day we went to my family’s house. Unfortunately the batteries in my camera died and you know there are never enough batteries to be found on Christmas Day. We did get a couple of shots before my camera went kaput. My family always eats Hawaiian French toast on Christmas morning (made with hawaiian bread and orange/pineapple juice in the batter) and then lasagna for dinner. We watched ‘Christmas story’ of course.

I wore a skirt that I made out of muslin (I painted the design at the hem), a bright red crinolin or petticoat from My Baby Jo (a cute vintage repro website), a black cardigan from Ann taylor, my grandmas black patent belt, my grandmas black wool felt pill box hat and a ice crystal pin from the Metropolitan museum of art. C wore a blue and white gingham button down from J Crew, a black v neck sweater from Northface and jeans.

Yay! Hope you all had a very wonderful holiday. See you next year.

ciao, Torrebelle


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