Holiday errands on a snowy cold day

It was our first day off together in a long time. No school, homework, work or cleaning to hinder our day. We decided to sleep in, go out for an early dinner and do a bit of holiday shopping. Not that we have much shopping to do. We are keeping the holidays on a tight (almost non-existing) budget. We are both students and plan on taking more classes next semester. Basically we have no idea how it will work out financially. But we will figure it out one way or another.

Ooh, mistletoe!

Blurry as usual (really trying to get better about that)

I took advantage of the snow flurries and wore one of my grandma’s hats. It is 1960’s, black wool and very Jackie O. I love it. It was an instant glamorizer. I also wore a pink Isaac Mizrahi skirt from target, a thrifted ann taylor wool sweater, black ellen tracy boots and teal over the knee socks from target.



ooh la la

ooh la la

bunny hands!

She is the director of photography (meaning she is the one who suggests poses such as “bunny hands!” here she is acting put out for having to take a few photos.

You get a glimpse of our totally amazing pink tinsel, hello kitty christmas tree in the background. Enjoy!

Ciao, Torrebelle


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