Sometimes I wish I were a flapper

I sometimes like to go really vintage and wear outfits that are reminiscent of the 20’s and 30’s. My problem is that I don’t own any casual clothes from that period. So I just took some modern pieces that create the same silhouette. The hat is what really makes it look old timey, I think. This outfit is a typical school day outfit for me and consists of brown brogue heels from Contessa, orange a-line skirt from Old Navy, a burgundy gathered t-shirt (thrifted), Ivory hoodie with eyelet detail from Anthropologie, Brown scarf (thrifted), hat  from Anthropologie and lacey ivory socks from Target.

Oh and I wouldn’t want to leave out C, she is wearing a crisp, gingham button down from J Crew. They seem to fit her best as she has a crazy long torso and wide shoulders.

Hope all is well in your world.

Ciao Torrebelle


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